Thursday, 1 February 2018


Conductive World blog resumes publication

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Conductive World, the blog

Eagle-eyed readers of Conductive World (est. 2008) may have noticed that it ceased publication on 7 December last year. Today it is back.

This was not a voluntary closure but came from inability to renew the annual $10.00 fee on line, following a change in banking details. I have discovered that I am not the only one to find Google's online help pages for dealing with such a problem to be wholly impenetrable. Professional help that I consulted ran into the same buffer. More on this for blogging buffs anon.

At times over the eight weeks of line it looked like this blog might not reappear at all, with all its previous content lost to Internet searches. The volume of professional and personal concern expressed to me about what was happening has helped shape my consideration of its continuing development and direction into 2018. Again, more anon.

Conductive World on Facebook

During the blog's absence a skeleton service has been run through expanded posts on Conductive World's Facebook page:

Some of these Facebook pages may now be re-presented as blog postings, to increase their exposure to search-engines and archive sites.



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