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On what model?
Here's just one

There is no single 'right' way to establish and sustain a CEC (Conductive Education Centre). Different ways work in different places and in different eras, for different purposes and for different people. Thinking local but thinking big. Such factors involved may be blended in different ways to create what is right in a given context, and size may often matter too – the 'Goldilocks principle'.

One 'classic model' that has stood the test of time seems to be the small, locally based non-profit, with local goals in a relatively prosperous community, having close links with established local figures and institutions (which given time and stability then becomes a local institution itself.

Where such a combination gels, then it seems to work well in different national contexts.

CE needs more than just opinion

Or so I would guess... Millions and millions of pounds, dollars, euros etc. have been spent (some of them wasted) over the 30-odd years of serious attempts to spread Conductive Education around the world..

As far as I know there has been no serious attempt to examine which models 'work' and which do not.

So I do not know.. I do suspect, however, that there is tested and theorised knowledge enough from other sectors to think that this is something that could be taught, to would-be founders, to those who run existing conductive services, to their staffs (including conductors and fundraisers) and perhaps to others to. Why continually reinvent the wheel?

An example

I have been reminded this morning of this hardly unfamiliar problem by a news report in a local newspaper in the English East Midlands, on a fund-raising event by the charity Steps:

I was reminded that I had mentioned Steps in 2009:

Checking on Steps' current website (and granting that all such websites show the best possible face) I felt that as in 2009, I felt was looking at something rather exemplary. Something that others might learn from:

'Or so I would guess...' Other might agree, others disagree. My view as stated above, with careful qualification, is that Steps is a 'classic' – which might tell as much about my views as it does about Steps. My view is also, however, that CE worldwide would be better served by generation and dissemination of knowledge. Then that goes for all aspects of the field.

Meanwhile, keep on guessing...

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