Thursday, 7 December 2017


Continuing development in Rosenheim

The Integrated School in Rosenheim, Bavaria is to expand from 72 to 90 pupils.

Bavarian TV is helping finance further development of the facilities through Sternstudenden, its annual Advent Appeal –

In the school year 2013/2014, the Petö und Inklusion organisation opened the private inclusive elementary school Oberaudorf-Inntal, which breaks new ground in the care of disabled and non-disabled schoolchildren. Provided here are individualized conductive and movement upbringing, and daily inclusive sport provided The concept being unique in Germany. The demand for places is correspondingly high. These should now be increased from 72 to 90, in addition, the primary school pupils can later attend the associated middle school. Sternstunden promotes the financing of barrier-free new rooms and measures further to improve school quality...

Watch the video

Ruth Dürr and her son Felix, and Rita Mechtl, do the honours in this there-minute broadcast video, and the dog's good too. The video on the above page is in German but, even if you do not speak the language, integrated schooling and conductive upbringing, along with something of their process and their product, come across loud and clear:

Another young conductive adult well on the way...

Two of the previous item here on Rosenheim

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