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Study by Adrienn Orevecz
Article In English

Adrienn at recent Pető Day, 
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Summary and future examination on the topic The aim of this study was to collect more information about Conductive Education practised abroad. The conductors were in the focus especially their working conditions and the other professionals they are working with. The results were very positive. It seems as an employee they are satisfied with their working environment. It is even more essential in such helping job to be happy because they can use their maximum potential and can be more productive. The more varied resources (personal and technical) they can use for development the better the results will be. Assistive devices can increase their personal efficiency very much. Not only they can use the most up-to date developmental equipment, but also have a better insight and closer relationship with other health professionals. Future research will address young adults with CP. who received Conductive Education for a longer period. The purpose will be to find out how and in which stages of life Conductive Education could help them.

...Last but not least I would like to express my gratitude to three wonderful ladies: Rony Schenker, Tünde Rozsahegyi and Beate Hoess-Zenker. Finally, of course all the participants who took part in the survey.

(p. 249)


Oravecz, A. (2017) International extension of Conductive Education, Tavaszi Szél / Spring Wind III, Budapest, Doktoranduszok Országos Szövetsége, pp. 240-250

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