Tuesday, 5 December 2017


Meets in Orlando, Florida in March

The parallels (and differences) between CE and the late Reuven Feuerstein's mediated learning have been well appreciated in Conductive World, as they were by Reuven himself.

Similarities and differences have been apparent at the organisational level too, in how these two traditions have tried to treasure their respective heritages and, at the same time, internationalise and embrace something of the modern world.

It is fair, however, to summarise the 21st-century history of the two movements by saying that, granting the occasional individual interest, they have managed most successfully to stay apart.

NAFA, the North American Feuerstein Alliance, has announced its forthcoming event, to be held in March, in Orlando, Florida:

Bridges to Better Thinking

Feuerstein Method Training Workshops

Winter Garden, Florida
17 –20 March 2018

Opportunity there?

Reuven Feuerstein on Conductive Education

Sutton, A. (2012) András Pető's heritage, from the perspective of cognitive psychology, Conductive World, 20 November

North American Feuerstein Alliance

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