Sunday, 10 December 2017


Bad karma, man

There are long periods in which Hungary is of little general interest to Western media. Not so now. Suddenly there seems a rush of bad-news stories.


This last week's have included:

  • Is it because there is presently a lot happening over there in Central Europe?
  • Or are things much the same there as ever but suddenly 'sexy' to the Western media?
  • Is Hungary perhaps of greater interest now because its row with the EU is beginning to boil over
  • Have the liberal media just had enough of Hungarian the right-wing attacks?
  • Or is this the product of yet another Machiavellian plot by the Great Viktator?
  • Any, all or none of these?
Does this matter a jot to the world of CE?

Not a lot, this day or the next, in this or that paticular location around the world. People have their own personal and professional lives to deal with, the equally strange politics of their own countries, their own joys and hopes, their own woes and disappointments. Nobody needs be concerned with the affairs in a far away country, concerning people of whom we know nothing.

Certainly, no one wants to be publicly associated with running bad-news stories.

So why bother about that one little corner of Ruritania, that 21st-century Slaka?

Conductive World has always contended that the events in Hungary have a potentially disproportionate effect across the whole world or Conductive Education, and that those whose lives and institutions make up this world might like the opportunity to know something of what is going on there. Not that they can do much or anything about it, but at least they can wonder about what UK accountants call 'sensitivities', things that might go wrong in even the best-laid plans.

A toxic mix

There is no single theme to such stories. The following do tend to pop up:
  • the militantly illiberal Fidesz government
  • right-wing revanchism in general
  • post-Trianon revanchism in particular
  • anti-Semitism
  • Hungary's upcoming General Election
  • higher education
  • employment and economics
  • emigration (emigration and immigration).
Such factors can be seen increasingly in stories coming out of Hungary over the last few years. They do seem particularly well represented in the Western media at the moment.

Any of them can have bearing upon the continuing development of Conductive Education, and not just in Hungary. Look out for them. What a toxic mix.

At its very least, bad karma, man.

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