Monday, 4 December 2017


Uber WAV, Lyft, Curb?
Not in Las Vegas 

'Easier for me to order food
than get a ride'
Ralph Strzałkowski has been trying to book a cab on line – 

The retro aspect of it all would have been funny if the situation wasn't as tragic. None of the things which make Uber so attractive were available to me: price, convenience, ability to figure out arrival time, tracking your ride, paying and tipping via app. Instead I was teleported back to the 80s.

...the only option... was calling the dispatcher. Not booking via app, not tweeting, calling... All this technology, why can't we use it to help people with disabilities. Why can't it make life easier?

And it reminds me why I started the Florida Disability Access and Awareness Foundation to do precisely that- promote accessibility and inclusion using media, software and technology. Perhaps one day I can sit down with the good folks from Uber, Lyft and Curb to see how we can leverage all that to make people with disabilities more mobile. Until then, it will be easier for me to order food than get a ride.

Nice to see this recent blog posting from him. Read what he says in full:

Strzałkowski, R. (2017) UBER disappointment, 28 November

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