Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Finding CE services for teenagers and adults

'Continuing Conductive Education' for teenagers and adults who have grown up with cerebral palsies or other motor disorders is emerging as a service category, and people are trying to find where such services are provided.

Gill Maguire's Conductive Education Information is receiving enquiries about this.

Gill is preparing a list of CE services of where this can already be found, worldwide. Click here to see more:

She is appealing publicly for information. She welcomes information from any source, from young people, adults, parents and carers, administrators and conductors. Even if you do not have full details, drop her an email and she will find out further details. 

Let her know even though a service is still only the stage of hoping or planning to extend its work with children up through the age-range. Receiving enquiries from would-be clients might help in making its case start work.

If you have any information to share on this, do please let her know at, and she can then share it with others, both in response to personal enquiries and publicly on the Conductive Map:

Everybody wins!

(And to save you asking, your name will not be shared)


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