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Norway take the long view
Habilitation should be available across the lifespan

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PTØ joins in national consultation in Norway

PTØ Norway supports the proposals from Norway's Ministry of Health and Care Services for change in the definition of habilitation. PTØ's submission to Norway's national consultation on this matter urges bringing the definition more in line with the needs of service-users, to enhance users' perspective and take their life goals into account.

The new definition is more in line with what we experience is the needs of our users, and thus will help ensure a better habilitation course,..

The definition should also conclude that habilitation and rehabilitation are processes that may be both time-limited and lifelong, and that the need for interdisciplinary cooperation and coordination can vary over time within one course...

A lifespan process

In its consultation document PTØ Norway also support changing the definition to include habilitation's lasting for life.

The old definition of habilitation and rehabilitation states that thesee are time-limited processes. We know that this is not correct. For many of PTØ Norway's users, the habilitation process will extend over an entire lifespan...

And more:

What a lead Norway seems to have. Only aspirations perhaps at the moment, but what aspirations.

PTØ Norway's new national HQ

Video greetings from Chairman Tor Inge Martinsen, telling of PTØ's new building that is to open at Gardermoen on 1 February, ahead of schedule:

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