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A million Euros from the Hungarian Government
In Romania

Albert Levente felvétele

Opening day

PAK's new conductive service centre for adults and children, and conductor-training school, in Transylvania, Romania, started operation at the beginning of September, and was been formally opened at a ceremony last week. Read more about the background and some of the questions that it raises, and see a video:

Conductor Pál Csuka, who is now responsible for PAK's external relations explains that services for children and adults have been provided at a number of Transylvanian locations since 2014, on a pattern of a three-week conductive experience every three months. At Illyefalva the recently commenced services are already on track. In September, ten students started their university training and held their first three-week practical development programme. The training course lasts for three years.

(Pál Csuka also stated that PAK is happy with continuing use of the widely used name of 'Pető Institute'.)

More on this story
  • the Hungarian government has supported the reconstruction and equipment of the former Illyefalva children's village buildings with a million euros.
  • The work will take place in the mother tongue of those concerned. (It is not yet stated whether this will also apply to the conductor-training.)
Attending the opening ceremony
  • Károly Szász, Chancellor of Semmelweis Medical University (chancellors in Hungarian universities are responsible for theirs institutions' management and financial control; they are appointed by the Government)
  • Andrea Zsebe, Rector of PAK (the university's CE faculty)
  • Balázs Hankó, Minister of State in the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources
  • Réka Brendus, from the Hungarian State Secretariat for Education
  • Bishop Béla Kató – this project had begun at the initiative of the local Diocese of the Reformed Church
  • Representatives of local government.
Sources of information

These include the following:

I found some of the different takes on the same story confusing. Any corrections gratefully received.


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