Tuesday, 28 November 2017



No apologies for reminding, again, that not so long ago in the United Kingdom, CE  has been strongly and vocally disapproved of from withing the disability movement.

See for example:

Nowadays one finds nothing of this sort, so publicly against CE, spoken or written .

Why not?

Is Conductive Education, 'the Peto Method', call it what you will, no longer a matter of widespread public interest, and therefore no longer perceived as a threat? It should surely be a matter for satisfaction if CE no longer excites such bitter reaction. 
  • Is the disability movement undergoing its own historical and ideological development?
  • Is Conductive Education developing a more nuanced positions?
  • Or both? Or what?
And what response might CE meet if (as one hopes) wider public awareness returns.

All hypothetical questions, of course...

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