Saturday, 7 October 2017


Credit where it is due

World Cerebral Palsy Day
A CE winner

CE's winner
The ECS (European Conductive Organisation) has just announced on its website –

Our partner organization ACENA in Illinois USA won an award for their vocational training for young adults! Congrats!

I do not know the particular relationship between the ECA and ACENA (Association for Conductive Education in North America) but, to be accurate, this Award has been won by the Center for Independence for Education, in Chicago, Illinois, under the rubric 'High Expectations for Employment'.
The Centre for Independence is indeed to be congratulated on behalf of Conductive Education initiatives worldwide for its achievement, as being the only CE winner not just in this year's listing but, as far as I know, in the history of the Award (please correct me if I am wrong)..

High Expectations

More substantial is to note that the Center's winning program is a service for young adults. This award represents established CE centres' increasing response to the need to extent their practice up into the transition years as their established clients grow up. So double congratulations for the Center for Independence.

The awarding body, published some general details of the Center's program 'High Expectations'. This makes welcome addition to the new but one hopes growing CE literature of CE and young adults with cerebral palsy and other lifelong conditions:

No doubt many in Conductive Education around the world will now be looking forward to learning more of this practice.


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