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No pearls without grit

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See pages 65-75
Facebook tells me that Conductive World published the following item seven years ago today. It reports what Mária Hári said at a 'study day' in Brussels in 1981. I would have drawn attention to this today anyway, even if there were not to be another multinational event happening in Brussels (described as a 'colloquium') this very afternoon.

Read what she said here (English translated from French):

I hope that this brings a wry smile to the faces of those who remember her – and give pause for thought to those who do not.

What will happen today?

We know about what she said in Brussels thirty-six years ago only through a stroke of luck, because it was taken down by an unknown hand, transcribed, then circulated in photocopy form, copies of which survived to be eventually published in 2004. Her intervention does not figure in the formal published report of the meeting, nor did it pass into Conductive Education's oral folklore.

In these days of mass electronic communication, what trace, formal or informal, will remain from today's events.

Mária will not be in Brussels today.


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(2017) European introduction of the conductor, the pedagogical rehabilitation professional, Brussels, 10 October

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