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Listing conductors
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A tiny corner of Her Majesty's Government has just sent me one of its informative email alerts, this one being a list of English-speaking lawyers in Hungary, compiled by the British Embassy Consular Section in Budapest.

Link to this useful resource in full, here:

Years ago, in the last days of Socialism and the early days of whatever it is that has come next, I did have an Hungarian lawyer (or to be strictly accurate, the Foundation for Conductive Education did). He was introduced to me by our Embassy in Budapest.

He was an essential components of the network that saw us through those difficult days.

And what a great bloke too. Memories that raise a smile. I have looked at the list just forwarded me and I see that he still practises, from the same business address. I trust that I shall never be in a position to need his professional services again, but it is still nice to know...

Conductors, a disclaimer

There are several lists published on line now, for those who are looking to find a conductor, or even Conductive Education. For the sake of everybody involved, those who publish such lists, those who feature on them, and those who use them, such lists ought to include a careful disclaimer.

The Embassy in Budapest quite rightly prefaces its list of lawyers with just such. It looks pretty watertight to me so I re-offer it here to those who publish lists of conductive services, with some words changed and blanks left to fill as required:

The following list of [conductors] has been prepared by […] for the convenience of [...]. It is provided on the understanding that we [...] do not assume or undertake any legal responsibility, to you, or those affected, if you choose to take it into account when [consulting] a local [conductor].

Further and alternatively, we cannot accept any liability to any person or company for any financial loss or damage arising from the use of this information or from any failure to give information.

Our aim is to provide [...] with as much relevant information to enable them to make better informed decisions but our lists are not recommendations and should not be treated as such.

I hope that the Embassy will not mind this minor plagiarisation. If it does, then perhaps I shall be hearing from its lawyer.

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