Wednesday, 25 October 2017


Towards easy, civilised productive discussion

GWR Class 800s at Paddington
Earlier this week I commented online in response to a new GWR advertising campaign:

(video with written comments)

The range and the ease of this little discussion thread reminded me most vividly of the continuing lack of easy-going discussion in and around Conductive Education.

A long time ago, in a discussion comment here on Conductive World, Judit Szathmáry proposed nine simple points, not to be followed mechanically like some check list but representing the sort of generalised tradition of civilised social behaviour that much of the world assumes as a basis for rubbing along together, even when we do not agree all the time.

Conductive World has already replayed these once. No harm in playing them again:
I believe we should be talking about this openly and honestly too. So why don’t we? It comes down to many factors
    • Lack of tradition to discuss sensitive issues openly
    • Lack of time
    • Lack of confidence
    • Lack of trust in not being judged by others having an opinion, maybe an opinion, which doesn’t fit in to the common points of views
    • A deep-seated insecurity within the conductive community
    • A ‘rather be right than happy’ attitude by not talking about sensitive and relevant issues we don’t risk being found wrong, but we also deprive ourselves of learning from each other and growing
    • A misconception about asking questions – if I ask they think I am stupid or that I don’t know – forgetting that the forever-enquiring mind creates enormous potentials for finding intelligent solutions
    • A lack of ability to communicate with respect and take up a disagreement with honour
    • A lack of belief that anyone would care to engage in conversation over the Internet.
I could go on, and on… I am as much as fault with the above as many of us in the world of Conductive Education.

Conductive World has played these twice before.
No harm in playing them again

Wouldn't it be loverly...?

...if it were unnecessary to mention this in 2017.



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