Wednesday, 11 October 2017


From Budapest
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Little apparent interest about that Euro-meeting in Brussels in Hungarian media, except a brief report on Híradó yesterday. Its title in English reads – 

The world-famous Pető method has been presented at a conference at the European Parliament

The irony of this may or may not be accidental.

The item recounts the meeting was presented by Ádám Kósa, a Fidesz MEP, who described the Pető method as one of the wonders of Hungarian special education. The aim of the event, he said, is for other European countries to recognise the Hungarian qualification in a routine way. Professional qualifications are matters for individual states but the European Parliament might have a role in recognition of the conductor profession.

The meeting was opened by Tibor Navracsics, now Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport a former Fidesz Foreign Minister in the Hungarian Government.

The report concluded, without amplification, that it is very important to handle the Pető method as a shared gem, so no market organisations can monopolise it.

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