Saturday, 7 October 2017


(Plus an urgent job advert!)
Pilot for possible national network

The opening of PTØ's new centre and HQ has been brought forward to 1 February and links with existing services are being developed in advance of this:

Also new is that PTØ has been accepted to participate in a new nationwide project, ParkinsonNet. This systemic approach was developed in the Netherlands and is now to be piloted in the Norwegian context. Already (to the outsider) it seems to manifest potentially Norwegian characteristics of official support, flexibility, client choice, and resources.

Elements of the ParkinsonNet model:
  • systematic education and training of current professions, including use of relevant professional guidelines
  • good information for patients and relatives, e.g. through learning/mastery courses, brochures and web-based information
  • establishment of effective communication between professionals in specialist health services and the municipality, between patients and, possibly. also between patients and therapists
  • monitoring and publishing relevant data on treatment facilities, impact of measures and interventions
This two-year pilot project is being run by the Department of Health in cooperation with the national Parkinson's society and a national centre for movement disorders. It will be very interesting to see how conductive practice adapts and develops within this particular, favoured context.

A major step here for PTØ, is a possible future involving a nationwide Parkinson's system.

Job vacancy

Meanwhile – such major strategic developments aside – routine conductive work has to go on, so PTØ is advertising urgently for a conductor for its established children's and young adults' services for the rest of this term:

Don't speak Norwegian? Few do! But you can get a long way in Norway with English, as others will testify....

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