Friday, 20 October 2017


What is distinctive about this explanation?

'Conductive Education is an intensive,
multi-disciplinary approach to...'
or some variant on this theme, is often offered as a public explanation of Conductive Education.

This puzzles me:
  • I wonder what exactly is meant or even just implied and understood here by the word 'discipline'
  • granting the first point raised here, I also wonder too what 'approaches' (professional trainings etc.) are not 'multidisciplinary'!
  • and, granting this, how does this explanation distinguish Conductive Education from everything else?
(There is also the question of what people mean and understand by the word 'intensive', and that too renders this warm-fuzzy definition problematical)

Putting on the style

One is left with a definition that does not define, with any cardinal differences left unstated. Perhaps this is the  spirit of the age or at least of a sub-culture within it...

At the very least, those who offer this explanation might also provide a list of what they condider the component 'disciplines'.



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