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Perhaps it is wrong to discern connections
Perhaps it is careless not to

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Blogger has reminded me that four years ago I was posting items on the context in which András Pető was living during the siege of Budapest. Specifically it reminds me of one posting about how very close András Pető came to being murdered by the Arrow Cross (Hungarian Fascist militia).

That in turn made me think of a further reminder of those days, but one never explicitly mentioned – András Pető's address from shortly after the end of the War up until his death in 1967. He had take over the flat of the Brody family on the corner of Béla Stollar utca and Balassy Bálint utca (there is a commemorative plaque on the side of the building to commemorate his residence there). A small ceremony is held in front of this plaque each year, on the anniversary of András Pető's birthday.

Stollar Béla utca is named after Béla Stollar a young Hungarian anti-Fascist who was killed in another apartment further along the street, on Christmas Day 1944, in a gun battle with the Arrow Cross:

Every mention of Stollar Béla u. should serve as a reminder of the vicious campaign to exterminate András Pető and his kin, and how close his own escape had been.

I sometimes wonder whether we outside Hungary who have dealings with Conductive Education have much understanding of how horrifying were the circumstances out of which it emerged, the sensitivities that can surround these, and their continuing salience today.

They might consider that, in yesterday's General Election in Germany, second place after Angela Merkel's governing Christian Democratic Union Party has been taken by AfD (Alternative for Germany), a right-wing nationalist party, with 12,8% of the vote.

The next Hungarian General Election will take place in or before Spring 2018. The most recent opinion poll there shows support for Jobbik (Movement or a Better Hungary) standing at 19%, in second place and to the right even of Viktor Orbán's governing Fidesz party.

And the UK is struggling to disengage and clamber out of Europe

Nothing to do with Conductive Education?

Heading picture. This is a still from the film Walking with the Enemy, a clumsy and Hollywoodised account of what happened to Jews in Budapest in 1944-5, but a rare opportunity for even a glimpse:

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