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'Probably don't do it' – research

In New South Wales, Australia, the charity Cerebral Palsy Alliance in has been publicly featuring its long-established conductive service in Sydney (conductors Gabriel Pinter and Rita Schwerlichovszky):

Another branch of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance is its Research Foundation (Ilona Novak, director). Four years ago Ilona Novak and her colleagues recommended an evidence-based 'traffic-light system' (red, amber green) for cerebral-palsy treatments, among which it included Conductive Education.. On the basis of their review of published research CE came out as 'red', i.e. with the recommendation:

Below the 'worth-it line'
'Probably don't do it'

What should an organisation like Cerebral Palsy Alliance do in such a circumstance? Cover its bets and ride both horses. Take public credit for doing CE itself, as parents in New South Wales appear to appreciate while publicly warning others around the world not to do it themselves...



Schenker, R., Sutton, A (2014) Researching conductive education, Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, vol. 56, no 4, pp. 402-403, March

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