Wednesday, 27 September 2017


'Death by indifference'
Never be starry-eyed about 'professionalism'...

Connor Sparrowhawk

'...what happens when public services lose their heart and forget that they exist to serve... '

Not just deaths of course, but lives lived much less than they should be, or even in ways that are actively pernicious, not just for individuals but for whole families, not just in the presence of one disability but many, not just in institutions but in the vaunted 'community', certainly not just in medical or state agencies but across the board, and for all I know not just in the UK...

Technical failings, not knowing what to do: moral failings too, not caring. Not 'challenges', but problems systemic and endemic, needing to be honestly faced and sorted out.

Meanwhile, a parent's account of refusing to let it be brushed over... Thank you Norman Perrin for notifying of this book's publication today:


Ryan, S. (2017) Justice for Laughing Boy: Connor Sparrowhawk – a death by indifference, London, Jessica Kingsley  

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