Monday, 11 September 2017


50 years after he died on it

Towards life's end

I am now well used to seeing fans of the late Reuven Feuerstein wishing him a happy birthday on Facebook on the anniversary of his birthday. I suspect that he might he might have found this highly amusing if he had known that this might happen.

András Pető was not an Orthodox Jew and his ideas on the afterlife were reportedly rather different from what I suspect Reuven's might have been. AP told his acolytes that he looked forward to reincarnation – perhaps he really did, or perhaps he was only teasing. Suppose that he was serious, and right, then he just might have been be somewhere today blowing out a lot of candles on a rather big cake.

Perhaps he has a Facebook account, in which case he will appreciate the first posthumous online birthday greeting that I have spotted:

Happy Birthday Pető

The ice now broken, perhaps there will be more such salutations.

Perhaps AP might approve. Perhaps not. Meanwhile, Conductive Education would still like to be taken seriously.



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