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Ralph tells it rather well

Ralph Strzałkowski

It is always a pleasure to find a pretext to quote Ralph Strzałkowski again. Four years ago Ralph blogged this – 


A friend's sister who has cerebral palsy ended up in an ICU [intensive care unit] again. As I'm in shock and in fear of what may come next I can't stop thinking how lucky me and my family were to have been spared all of this. Every few months I hear about these young people. Bed-ridden. Much younger than me, didn't really to experience much in life – their condition more extensive – facing life-threatening conditions. Nothing left to do but pray.

As much as I don't want to turn this into a discussion on theory of cerebral palsy's origins, I can't but stop to wonder. What is the difference between us? On the books we have the same disability. A few seconds, a few millimetres, a few more dead brain cells? Why am I here and they're there? Is it all random? Why was I spared?

That's why you will never hear me complain about my disability. What do I have to complain about? I feel blessed. I'm alive. I get to explore the world and meet people. I get to move around. I see, I hear, I speak and I talk. I open my arms and experience the surroundings with all my senses. I have my plans. I have big dreams. Not for myself, but for the things I can do for others. No sir, I have nothing to complain about.

So people give me odd looks on the street. Should I even care? So some are more likely to prejudge and dismiss me. So it's harder to do some tasks and I need help with others. So wheeling is not as fast as walking. Big deal. So I don't look graceful in my chair. So what? I don't get to climb stairs or tango, and getting a date is not as easy, I will never become a painter or a dancer. Who cares? Life is precious and I love mine.

When I ask why me it's not out of frustration for being in a wheelchair – it's why am I doing better than people who have the same thing. And whenever I feel sorry for myself, because I have those moments just like everybody else, I think here's nothing that puts things in perspective quite like this.

Yes Ma'am! I'm blessed. I have everything that I need.. And I should give back more to pay back this huge debt I owe the universe.


At the time I commented on this posting, in the immortal words of the Sex Pistols –
'Never mind the bollocks', this is what it's all about

Ralph's CE writings

View Never, never quit by Ralph Strzałkowski
Book of a blog
What, you haven't yet read Ralph's book? On his growing up with cerebral palsy, his life as a pupil at the then Pető Institute, and starting a new, independent life in America? Why ever not? The world of Conductive Education is desperately lacking in the perspectives of adults who have grown up under the aegis of CE.

His book Never, Never Quit is a rare bird indeed. You can preview it, and order a copy, here:


The book was taken from Ralph's blog, Lawyer on Wheels. His blog continued beyond the book's publication and remains on line.
Ralph no longer blogs about Conductive Education. He has moved on.

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