Wednesday, 13 September 2017


A new sea to swim in...?
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Conductive World has already remarked that there are now two major universities in Budapest, each with its own vision of the upbringing and education of children with disabilities:

It is of course far, far too early for even thinking of how this might work out. All the same, perhaps it may be worth noting an upcoming event (free admission) being promoted by the Post-Doctoral Disability Workshop of the Gusztáv Bárczi Special Education Faculty of ELTE:

The Department of Disability and Social Participation of the ELTE Bárczi Gusztáv, the Faculty of Public Health, the Disciplinary Department of the Hungarian Sociological Society and the Disciplinary Disciplinary Institute of Disability Science, aresing the Fifth Disability Science Conference on November 2017.

The theme of the conference: 'Posthumanism and Disability - What Is Being Human in the 21st Century?'

Fundamental stuff and hefty alliances. That's just the sort of public positioning that major universities do.

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