Monday, 7 August 2017


Two not entirely unrelated programmes!

Taranaki Parkinson's chairwoman Ngaire Riley gloves up.

From New Zealand's South Island, news of the opening of yet another Counterpunch training programme, a further brick in the wall towards building a national network of boxing for Parkinson's in God's Own.

The newspaper writes –

Taranaki Parkinson's chairwoman Ngaire Riley said the non contact boxing skills sessions were another option for sufferers to improve co-ordination, balance and rhythm. 'I was resistant at first because I thought boxing was the last thing we wanted to do but the training is non-contact and only uses the training skills of boxing. It's challenging and it's fun and we hope it can meet the needs for many people who live with Parkinson's in Taranaki'.
NZ's Counterpunch began in Auckland, in the North Island, and is spreading. It was founded and is run by conductor Lisa Gombinski and her associates:
Altogether coincidentally, Taranaki is also to about to see opening of a conductive service for children:

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