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Survey across ages 18-35

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A posting last month on Conductive World mentioned sex, cerebral palsy and Conductive Education:

I have now had my attention drawn to an article published last year in the Hungarian journal Rehabilitáció, written by conductor Bettina Birksteiner and neurologist Anna Kelemen

The article itself is in Hungarian but it includes an  English abstract –

Sexuality of adult cerebral palsy patients In our research we analyzed sexuality of adult cerebral palsy patients’ (age was between 18 and 35 years and were intellectually normal) from three aspects; their sexual awareness and information regarding the topic, their sexual habits, and additionally we collected information about how do they feel the habilitation/rehabilitation’s sexual information’s quantity and quality in general and diagnosis specifically. The research was conducted by a questionnaire and we made some interviews as well. Our control group consisted of healthy adults of the same age, working in habilitation/rehabilitation or who have a relative with cerebral palsy. We found significant divergence between the able-bodied and cerebral palsy group in general sexual issues, the nature of sexual relationships and in the number of sexual contacts. Almost half of the cerebral palsy patients haven’t experienced sexual life, their primary satisfaction was manual masturbation, while all able-bodied young adults of the same ages have had a sexual relationship, more partners, and their primary ways of satisfaction were oral and vaginal sex. Fifty-five percent of the questioned young adults with cerebral palsy didn’t speak with anybody about their sexual problems, habits, and about sex in general, therefore it is not surprising that neither of the groups are satisfied with the sexual information what the habilitation/rehabilitation practice was giving them. The results of the study are proved how important is to work on this issue from both the touched persons and the care-takers side as well. The pleasure of sexual life is important for the quality of our life, it is our life’s natural part, which can not be neglected, even if it is difficult to talk about it because of the subject's topic.

The article reports a survey, rather than being interventional.


Birksteiner, B., Kelemen, A. (2016) Cerebralis pareticus felnőttek szexualitása, Rehabilitáció, 2015/1, pp. 27-33

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