Thursday, 10 August 2017


No charge

Ida (the Rehabilitologist) Igra has an event on line on Saturday. She writes a jolly reminder (my rough translation) –

Dear parents of special children, professionals who work with them, and everyone who visits my page!

By tradition, next Saturday, 12 August, at 21.00, in Moscow, Kiev and Jerusalem, I invite you to take part in an online meeting.

This week are talking on the topic: THE SPECIAL CHILD'S INDEPENDENCE: FOOD. We shall consider how to teach child independent in eating from the viewpoint of specific motor skills, sensory development, developing communication and much more. Be ready with your questions, and invite your friends to take part in the live broadcast, and take part yourself.

See you on Saturday!

I am not clear about the format (Skype, webinar, whatever). To know more, contact Ida via Facebook:

The time zone that Ida is working to is GMT+3

The event is advertised for Russian-speakers, but Ida is very versatile.

A bold initiative in a potentially important are aof development.

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