Monday, 21 August 2017


Barmy boffins strike again

Hilde Myrhaug, Oslo

Another reductionist evaluation of Conductive Education has just hit the streets.


PURPOSE: To evaluate the effects of a conductive education (CE) course followed by conventional practice, on gross motor function, other functional skills, quality of life, and parents' experiences of family-centered services in young children with cerebral palsy (CP).

METHODS: Twenty-one children with CP, 3-6 years old, were randomized to one 3-week CE course followed by conventional practice or conventional practice on a waiting list. Outcomes were measured 4 months after baseline. A web-based log collected data on the conventional practice.

RESULTS: No additional improvements in the children's outcome were found. However, parents in the CE group reported that they received more information than parents in the waiting list group (p = 0.01). Children in both groups performed high amount of conventional practice at home.

CONCLUSIONS: A 3-week CE course did not add any improvements in the children's functioning, possibly explained by the large amount of conventional practice reported of both groups.

KEYWORDS: Cerebral palsy; children; conductive education; gross motor function; quality of life; randomized controlled trial

What other outcome would anyone with the slightest nous expect?

No matter, it has created occupation and presumably income for academics in four institutions in Oslo (plus the journal's editors and reviewers, wherever they are around the world), contributed to the next literature search on 'research' into Conductive Education, and perhaps contributed yet another tiny nail to the coffin of Conductive Education's surviving reputation in academic circles.

... a 3-week CE course did not add any improvements in the children's functioning

Ms Myrhaug and colleagues have form:


Myrhaug, H., Odgaard-Jensen, J., Østensjø, S. Vøllestad, N. K., Jahnsen, R. (2017) Effects of a conductive education course in young children with cerebral palsy: a randomized controlled trial, Developmental Rehabilitation, August
[Epub ahead of print]

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