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Where once there used to be...

gloucestershire cc arms

A lady has just posted a to-the-point enquiry in Conductive World Market:

Hello – I'm wondering if anyone can put me in touch with a conductor in Gloucestershire please? Xx 

Commensurate with the county moto (above: 'I am always to the fore') Gloucester was an early hotbed of enthusiasm for CE in the UK:
  • a charity, GRACE (Gloucestershire Rapid Action for Conductive Education)
  • St Rose's School in Stroud
  • Milestone School in Gloucester
The GRACE charity ceased to exist in 1996.

The two schools still function: they were among the first in the country to embed conductors kin their workforce. Check in their old Ofsted reports. They seem no longer to employ conductors – but better check this too.

Traces of this earlier activity in Gloucestershire still exist on the Internet and perhaps personal enquiry at the two schools might establish a link to any conductors still in the county.

It may also be worth extending such a search into neighbouring counties/cities by means of the map Where conductors work:

A wider point...

Conductive Education does not just arrive somewhere, and develop. It also fades away, and disappears. This does not apply just to individual practices, services or centres. In the UK a whole city or county can drop off the conductive map.

Leeds was something else. An even bigger entity was Scotland (with Wales and Northern Ireland just hanging on). Not that far away the Irish Republic seems as purged of conductive services as of snakes.

This is a reminder that the history of CE is a complex one, more complex than simply a story of onwards and upwards. The fight to establish is followed by a struggle to sustain – and victory in the former does not necessarily guarantee success in the latter.

What are the factors that bring CE somewhere? Why does it stay, and why does it go. Such questions. I have my own views, you may have yours.

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