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It is a couple of weeks now since conductor László Szögeczki published his attractive paperback monograph on Conductive Education for adults, published by Amazon. The book is in English.


You can read László's opening text, the book's Contents pages and its rear-cover blurb here:

Reading it in full

A couple of weeks ago, Gill Maguire drew attention to this on line via Amazon's German site:

It can also be ordered via Amazon's UK site, and doubtless from its many others too:

There is also a Kindle edition,. Shop around for the best deal for you.

Books or Kindle?

Take your pick, for example: 
  • the German site edition at €23,43 and a Kindle edition at €18.69
  • the UK site offers a paperback at £19.79 and a Kindle edition at £16.87
The book is in English, however and wherever you buy it.

Check your own local Amazon site for local variants. For the paperback edition delivery in commendably fast but postage and packing will add to your costs. Remember that Kindle comes post-free and instantly, and that Amazon will provide you with a free download app.


Comments/reviews can be written directly on to the book's Amazon pages, in the usual manner, in any language.

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