Monday, 21 August 2017


Solomon Shereshevskii 

One of the great classic reports in the literature of psychology (and incidentally of qualitative investigation and reporting), is A. R. Luriya's story of 'S', the memory man.

Luriya's Mind of a Mnemonist is an important part of a psychological education. I used to encourage student conductors to read it. Some did.

Reed Johnson's extensive article recently published in the New Yorker provides an important framework for Luriya's account, identifying the memory man and reporting how it had looked to him all those years ago.

This article is published in full, on line. Luriya's little book itself is still in print, and widely available second hand.

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A. R. Luriya (numerous dates) The Mind of a Mnemonist, various editions

Johnson, R. (2017) The mystery of S., the man with an impossible memory, New Yorker, 12 August 

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