Monday, 3 July 2017


No research needed...

Why in 2017 should the following even need saying?

The particular human experience reported at this link is not specifically about childbirth, or family-centred care – or about physiotherapy, or 'therapists', or medical and paramedical services, or the 'caring professions', or 'human services', or the public sector, but the whole societal shebang of which these are just an integral part.

It is a matter of values and manners not research and 'science' – respect and courtesy not skills, individual action not management, socialisation rather than training, humanity over professionalisation.

Some individuals certainly have 'it' and some do not, it varies between groups and societies, and from age to age.

There was no 'golden age, but it does not just happen, it may have to be worked on.

Without this 'it', as has been remarked here before in different ways and different contexts, the effects of all the 'technical' training and the services that this goes with, may be lessened, or neutral, or even negative – this is hardly arcane knowledge.

And it needn't cost a penny...

So, what's the problem?

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