Friday, 14 July 2017


Continuing Conductive Education after school age

Motor disorders are for life. So too should be age-appropriate services – and that includes age-appropriate conductive services.

'What comes next?' is a question as old as the struggle to access and establish conductive services for their children? How are conductive services to be continues on across the transition years and into adulthood? What are the implications for practice? How might it be financed?

Over the years many have drawn a blank. But individual solutions have been tested, different approaches and different models in different places. Without the almost universal constraint of some sort of schooling across much of childhood there is even less reason to expect any uniformity of provision as might be seen in the childhood years.

It's virgin territory, limited only by imagination, money, and the law of your land.

There is nothing new under the sun, and there has always been continuing Conductive Education. Time now for a more explicit, concerted acknowledgement of the need, for the practical and theoretical questions that all this raises, and its social and ethical dimensions.

Here is just one practice, publicly described.:

So that said, it's time for a cup of coffee:

A Párizsi krém would be nice too, if you have one. And perhaps one of these...

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