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CE journal article published
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Schenker, R., Rigbi, A., Parush, S., Yochman, A. (2017) A survey on parent-conductor relationship: unveiling the black box, International Journal of Special Education, vol. 2, no 2, pp. 387-412


Teacher's perceptions and attitudes regarding working with parents are critical factors contributing components perceived by conductors (teachers in Conductive Education settings) as being cornerstone of successful parent-conductor relationships. The Conductors and Parents Questionnaire of children with disabilities was administrated to thirty-seven conductors (97% consent rate). Conductors identified working with parents, exploring parent goals, degree of parental investment and instilling a sense of confidence in parents as the most significant factors enabling a child’s progress. Evidence of significant factors contributing to successful partnerships emphasize delivering services in a wider context, in which families and not just children are the focus for support

A PDF of the complete article is now on line:

Scroll down to find pp. 387-412

Thanks, Rony, for letting me know of this.

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