Wednesday, 26 July 2017


Business as usual?


There is less than a week now, only six days to go  till D-Day for the PAF's incorporation into the Semmeweis Medical University, on Tuesday 1 August.

The PAF's mostly Hungarian website has been silent for weeks now, with no further mention of the immanent change:

Its English- and Russian-language pages, devoted chiefly to marketing short-term services for foreign clients, the PAF's 'health tourism' business, continue to operate as before, notifying sessions up until the end of 2017:

The Facebook page (unusually busy with feel-good stories) during recent months has gone quieter over the last few days:

All the above may be no more that par for the end of July, any year.

There is nothing to see yet on Semmelweis's site:

And there has been no interest in the Hungarian-language media during this apparent interregnum, except for news of off-site services' opening (Transylvania, Poland, Pécs).

Being the scenes, who knows? Countdown periods may create intensive work for those directly involved, and communication with the outside world may not be a priority.

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