Sunday, 25 June 2017


Just one little thing for the record!

One of those many what-if might-have-beens from another world, this was mentioned on Conductive World in 2012:

That earlier posting is easily visited, simply by clicking the above link, but what about the primary source that it relies upon?

The link to the press agency report from 2002, quoted and cited in the earlier posting, is no longer live on line. Nor are lots of other Internet records from all sorts of sources over past year. Among all this, much of what could in the future provide the main historical source about Conductive Education may just no longer be there – in a surprisingly short time.

Of course nothing lasts for ever, but you may wish to ensure a somewhat greater chance of your Internet records' being known to posterity, by archiving them.

For example,  much of Conductive World, with all its typos and other faults, resides in the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine as a contemporary record of some of just one observer's experience of Conductive Education:

The Wayback Machine now comprises nearly 300 billion pages documenting our civilisation as represented on line.

Think about it.

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