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On a number of counts

Comparisons such as in the above title are not always helpful and can even raise resentments. But surely they have  a place, and today I have been reminded of a presentation made in 2011 by conductor Éva Bugya, which is still one of the best illustrative contributions to the 'conductive literature' that I have read –

Training for classroom assistants 
Éva Bugya, conductor

Read Éva's presentation in full (in English):

With introduction and commentary:

Why 'one of the best'?

Because Eva writes a vivid, direct account of real classroom experience that shed sheds such a clear light upon Conductive Education. It is 'one the best' in a number of ways. For example:
  • as an account of the holistic (ecological) nature of Conductive Education
  • as a report of conductive inclusion in a school
  • as indication of what a 'conductive assistant' can achieve (written by a conductor who had once actually worked as a classroom assistant herself)
  • as example of potential benefits from conductive upbringing as much as direct pedagogy...
  • as reminder that upbringing is a matter for schools as much as for families
  • as encouragement to others
How much more accumulated experience and analysis is out there in the world of Conductive Education, unreported and therefore unshared? And what other treasures await only a little personal encouragement, mentoring and editing to transform the world's image and understanding of what Conductive Education really is and what it could contribute to the human good?

Read Évi's presentation in full:

With introduction and commentary:

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