Tuesday, 6 June 2017


Let's have more of this

A recent job advert in Hungarian, for a conductor to work in Frankfurt, has attracted quite a tail of banter in the form of responses from conductors who have read it. It is written in rather colloquial Hungarian but as far as I can gather there is not much confidence expressed that such posts will be easily filled.

Not just in responses to those who advertise for conductors but also in the case of adverts posted by those looking for work themselves, and in response to advertisements for more than just conductors and other materials announced in Conductive World Market.

This may prove  more useful than simply in attracting interest than simply a bald, sober job advert left standing on its own, and even paradoxically more helpful to advertisers. The Conductive Word Market is presented through Facebook in part to encourage more interaction between advertisers and their audience. Sometimes, as here, this does happen. More often not

Do feel free to comment on postings on Conductive World Market, to inform, ask questions, give feedback,  and encourage. Also, in the case of job adverts, do also tell when a position has been filled.

And not just in Hungarian, either:

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