Friday, 2 June 2017


Next week in London (England)

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I have just been offered a complimentary ticket for a bash in London next week, a rehabilitation trade show called the European Neuroconvention:

I have looked through the programme in vain. Not that I was really expecting mention of Conductive Education, amongst seminar-presenters, 'key-notes' or exhibitors – though it is always nice to be surprised.

As ever in such programmes, CE is right off the radar.

Rather, I was looking for a gleam of a pedagogic, or even just a psychosocial approach, however expressed. There were glimpses to be had, but only just visible from searching among all the other stuff. Though the extensive list of speakers offers a chance to draw up a potentially interesting personal programme on a range of matters, psychosocial topics show no coherent identity. They are at best marginal. 

As would be expected, I found that my 'complimentary ticket' was no mark of esteem, as free tickets can be ordered on line, here:

Anyway, there it is in London next Tuesday and Wednesday, on 7 and 8 June, at ExCel London, a large new facility beyond Canary Wharf.

And remember, it's free.

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