Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Film on line

Suddenly on Youtube

In the early hours of the morning a touch of insomnia had me switch on the computer – to find Google's notification that a new mention of the film Walking with the Enemy had just been uploaded on to YouTube.

Jut another trailer? Or Just another pirate version that would have already been removed by the time that I clicked to it?

Yes, a full print had just been put on YouTube by an anonymous Hungarian – and was still there, all one hour an fifty-two minutes of it. Only one thing to do, sit back and watch it right through, and hope that the screen would not go blank before the end.

So I did, and then went back off to bed when it had finished, expecting it to be gone by morning. It wasn't.

See it yourself

Indeed, at the time of writing it is still there. If you want to watch it, though, you may have to be quick before it vanishes, but who knows?

What interest might this have for people in Conductive Education? It does show something of how awful things were for Jews (and others) in Hungary and in Budapest in 1944 – and that this was not wholly down to Germans Nazis. Hungary's Arrow Cross, the country's civil authorities and many others also played their parts in this industrial-scale murder.

András Pető was a Jew and Mária Hári was half-Jewish (Jewish enough), and both were on Budapest over that period. So were many others who contributed to the subsequent development of conductive pedagogy.

What is this film like? Well-meaning no doubt, but embarrassingly awful, and certainly unworthy of its themes. 

After a long unexplained delay the film has recently been released in the United States, where a video can also be bought. It has not yet been released elsewhere. This present pirate version on YouTube could be many people's only opportunity to see it – but, unless, for whatever reason, the film company has decided to turn a blind eye, Walking with the Enemy might not be on YouTube for long.

See the film, if it is still here

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