Monday, 3 April 2017


('It's us Hungarians who are Romania's Soros')
Funny old world

If you do not yet know about the present political woes of the Central European University, in Budapest, catch up here:

and more...

(in English, with Hungarian links)

And if you follow the story of PAF's present outreach projects in 'Greater Hungary', and you appreciate historical irony, see here for a broadly stated analysis):

(in Hungarian)

Friends and neighbours

The other Viktor, Victor Ponta, former Prime Minister of Romania writes on his Facebook

Don't jump up in immediate outrage – my opinion is that our neighbour's legislative initiative is a really good and proper one! I am thinking of filing a similar initiative in the Romanian Parliament.

Update – that's correct, 'I am thinking about it...'  Next week I want to work on the project and submit it:

(in Romanian)

Flying kites

Or is this just politicians, anywhere? As a contribution to Spanish consideration of Gibraltar in the light of Brexit, Michael Howard, one-time would-be Prime Minister of the UK, has reminded Spain about what happened over the Falklands:

(in English)

On PAF's Romanian conductor-training initiative

(in English)

It's a funny old world, isn't it? Perhaps not.

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