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What other connections?

Following Friday's news of the merger proposed for later this year between the PAF (formerly the Pető Institute) and Semmelweis University, Sue O'Reily writes in with a nice personal association of the names of Ignaz Semmelweis and András Pető. See her personal reminiscence in the Comments at the end of the posting here:

Many perhaps most overseas visitors to Budapest over last fifty or so years may have noticed the Semmelweis campus on Üllői út, the major highway from Budapest Airport into the city centre, standing behind the prominent sculpture of an eagle (Torul?)

Some time in the mid-1980s I was driving past with Mária Hári and asked her what it was. Characteristically Pető-centrically, she replied that András Pető had given some lectures there. Looking back, I think not in that actual building surely, but perhaps the institution. I did not then know enough of his story to question further.

No doubt as the merger goes further there will be busy enquiries made to identify possible links such as this, be these plus or minus. Indeed, one can only hope that merger with a serious academic institution will result in a whole new world of serious academic enquiry into Conductive Education (of every kind).

Long history of culture clash

Meanwhile, as László Kanyó has remarked in Facebook –

How on earth these two vastly different corporate cultures will ever get harmonised, I wonder

This is no mere abstract point, as Tamás Vekerdy has reminded us –

The medical community wanted to destroy Pető. Then a stroke of genius came to mind... cooked up with the writer Sándor Török –

'I can't warrant 'curing'. I have to be rid of the doctors. I don't cure, I raise and educate... this gambit will transpose me from the Ministry of Health to the Ministry of Education, since it's not a science -- not in the same sense as medicine. I'll say I educate then they'll leave me alone.'

(Pető Quotationary, page 80)

We shall see

Influential political support helped András Pető. escape Ignaz Semmelweis's fate – or worse. In this respect, his successors in Budapest are now on their own


(2013) CEP Quotationary of András Pető and his Conductive Education, Birmingham, CEP

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Blogger Laszlo said...

Obviously, we are in a new situation 70 years later. Politically and economically too. We do not know what would help better at the moment. I know one thing, I wish for CE a happy future. The merger could bring a succesful development towards international acception in rehabilitation. ...and one could ask what about habilitation. I am a bit more sceptical about it because habilitation is surly an educational, psychological issue. Still, the Semmelweis University has the academic potential to focus on psycho-social areas as well. So let's hope they will do.

Thursday, 27 April 2017 at 06:49:00 BST  

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