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Window on the PAF

In an undated Russian-language page on PAF's website, Rector Andrea Zsebe greets Russian-speaking readers, with an emphasis quite different from that of earlier materials in that language. Previously this had been directed primarily towards recruiting individual families to bring their children for short-term CE experiences at the PAF in Budapest – the new emphasis is on marketing the attractions of its conductor-training.

This page has been published in the website's News section, in Hungarian –

...The maximum number of students at the College is 330 people... our graduates have a competitive knowledge that suits the requirements of the labour market, after graduating they will become specialists appreciated and sought after at home and abroad...

We ensure that applicants for our conductor specialism are familiarised with conductive-developmental work through a framework of open days, we organise preparatory courses and tests of professional suitability, and provide an opportunity to pass this exam in advance. For those enrolling in the first week of the school year, we organise a 'preparatory week' to help them adapt. To ease a busy schedule of theoretical and practical activities, a student recreation room has been opened and a students' sports club established to organise sports activities. We strongly support the work of the Student Council in all ways. We organize open forums in topics that are of the greatest interest to our students and continuously expand the programme to cater for the talented.

In the field of practice, on average 500 children and adults, mainly with motor disorders, are involved in different ways each year under PAF's supervision, in full-time or intermittent conductive development, in day classes or residentially. Typically, we run Hungarian public-education and international conductive-development groups.

The strategic goal of academic activity (with its connected specialism) is continuous development of our existing programmes, taking into account changing professional and public needs, and starting and accrediting new forms of education. Together with the Chancellery (responsible for financial management) an important goal is repeated application of the Institute's theoretical and practical knowledge, and continuation of our scientific and special projects.

We would like our Institute to be disciplined, effective and capable of development, preserving and developing its broad domestic and international connections – and worthy of society's long-term honour and of the respect and interest that have surrounded it over recent decades and now surround our work of conductive, developmental and educational work.
Andrea Zsebe, Conductologist, College Lecturer, Rector

Russian report of this signing

The following report (also undated) has been published of the website of the Nekrasov College in Saint Petersburg, in Rssian –

During a visit of a Saint Petersburg delegation to Budapest in December 2016, on the instructions of Zhanna Vorobyeva, Chair of the Education Committee, the Education Committee's Department for Validation and Professional Development of Teaching Staff of Nekrasov College carried out preparatory work on a cooperation agreement for co-operation with the András Pető Institute for Conductive Education. During a visit of a Hungarian delegation to the Consulate General of the Republic of Hungary in Saint Petersburg, this agreement was solemnly signed by Tatyana Golyadkina, Director of the College, and the Institute's Rector, Andrea Zsebe. During talks at the Consulate General of Hungary on 30 [sic] April 2017, the institutions discussed specific programs for exchanging experience, interacting to training specialists, and holding joint events.

On the Education Committee's behalf, on 29-31 March 2017 the Nekrasov Pedagogical College organised a delegation from the András Pető Institute of Conductive Pedagogy to the Saint Petersburg International Pedagogical Forum. Hungarian colleagues visited the city on the Neva River to get acquainted with the system of work of specialists in the field of education in St. Petersburg with children with disabilities. Within the framework of the visit, Hungarian colleagues took part in the plenary session of the Sain. Petersburg International Educational Forum 2017. They visited the Nekrasov Teachers College, where they were presented with the experience of training teachers for the Saint Petersburg education system in the specialisms 'Special Preschool Education' and 'Correctional Pedagogy in Primary Education: «Adaptive Physical Culture»'. The delegation visited combined Kindergarten No 120 in the Vyborg district, where for more than 25 years specialists have in a literal sense of the word helped pupils with infantile cerebral palsy to stand, and the local Medico-Psychological-Pedagogical Commission of the of Saint Petersburg's Kalinskii District, that does early detection and rehabilitation of children. The Institute's Rector, Andrea Zsebe, acquainted her colleagues from Saint Petersburg with the rich experience of the institution that she heads, and took part in a lesson with the children.

'We are pleasantly surprised by what we saw in two days' staying in Saint Petersburg. The system of training specialists and educating children with disabilities has been very interesting for us – it is a 'smart' system, in which, as we understand it, rich traditions are combined with a constant movement forward and with development. That is why the successes of Saint Petersburg teachers are so significant. 

'We look forward to further fruitful collaboration with colleagues from St. Petersburg' members of the Hungarian delegation remarked.

It's a different world!

Meanwhile back in the Hungarian media, there has been not a peep about this Russo-Hungarian agreement. They have more than enough to keep themselves busy with over Hungary's national and international higher-education furore that is still playing out around Budapest's CEU (Central European University)


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