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Press conference in Senta

For new readers

Last May PAF made a short intervention in Serbia, in Senta (Hungarian: Zenta). This was once part of the Kingdom of Hungary and retains a sizeable Hungarian-speaking minority. There are similar such Hungarian-speaking minorities in a number of countries immediately surrounding Hungary's present-day borders. Senta is a small town in Serbia in which a majority of inhabitants speak Hungarian.

PAF has been running short schemes in Hungarian-speaking areas of Romania, Ukraine and Serbia since its incorporation into the Ministry of National Resources at nationalisation two years ago. It has recently announced an outreach conductor-training programme to begin in Transylvania (in Romania) to begin this year.

Complicated? Yes. Now read on...

This year in Senta

Yesterday Vajdaság, a Hungarian-speaking news service for that area reported a joint news conference held in Senta by the Hungarian National Council and by PAF to announce  'intensive courses' to be held in this former Hungarian province over 2017, in Senta, Subotica (a larger town) and again in Senta.

PAF Rector Andrea Zsebe stated that three conductor-students would also be involved and that the long-term goal would be to stablish a training course in the region to counter the shortage of specialist staff there.

Wider still and wider

PAF has recently announced is a project to establish a service in Kazakhstan (formerly in the Soviet Union), an outreach conductor-training programme in Transylvania (now in Romania) and more recently still a commitment to collaborate with a teacher's college in Saint Petersburg (Russia). All are these are promised to commence operation this year.

I don't know how they do it.

Some previous information


(2017) Zenta: Újabb intenzív kurzusokat tartanak, Vajdaság, 6 April

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