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Mission creep?

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It was announced yesterday that as part of the PAF's decentralisation strategy the first Pető Premium Point' is to open in a private health centre situated in Budapest's District XII:
PAF's main building in Villányi út and its new Premium Point in Budakeszi út. both lie in the Budapest's XII. postal district, less that a couple of kilometres' walk away from each other.

The briefest of notes on PAF's website today encourages potential clients to apply there direct:

Within the framework of our decentralisation project, the first Pető Prémium Pont Budapest will be opened in an illustrative environment at the Medicina Health Center next Monday, where qualified conductors await you! Curious? Click for details!

From the Health Centre's website it appears that its services require a fee:
PAF's Decentralisation Project was announced just over a year ago. Its broad points including the following:
  • demand in Hungary is more than the PAF operating centrally can provide for, so decentralisation is to be the cornerstone of a new, unified, multi-project development plan, with conductors operating across the country
  • there would be (quasi-) regional centres that would have relationships with local government and with 'health tourism'
  • a 'Peto-premium' service
The essence of the plan – for Hungarians – is to reduce 'Budapest-centredness' so that the Pető method should be available close to people's homes.

Since then, new foreign adventures have been announced, in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia and Serbia:

Meanwhile another possibly strategic proposal has emerged, with major potential significance for the very essence of Conductive Education as it is known and taught –

Negotiations are going on about possible cooperation with Semmelweis University, but the Senates of two institutions will decide on this.

What sort of 'possible cooperation'? As ever, the devil will be in the detail

All very strange. Confusing even. No wonder one hears pletyka about what is going on. Perhaps all will become clearer over the summer. Than could be a good time to put all these ducks in a row and see perhaps where they are heading.

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