Thursday, 27 April 2017


Another opening

Andrea Zsebe officially opens new premises in Beregszász in Ukraine (video):

Earlier information on this project in Sub-Carpathian Ukraine:

The new conductive centre is being provided by the Beregszász District of the Maltese Charitable Service. The Czilla von Boeselager Centre for disabled children and adults has been opened with the help of a grant of ten million Hungarian Forints from the Hungarian Government (this converts to just over 32,000 Euros).

Miklós Soltész, State Secretary for Church, Citizenship and Civil Society in the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources also spoke, saying that that having the PAF working with the early development of disabled children in the Ukraine...

...also serves to preserve Hungarians in their native land and to preserve the Hungarian language, because parents do not have to move to a foreign-language environment or even to move to Hungary to provide for their child.

He added that all the services provided by the new centre, medical and social, are open to Ukrainian-speaking families as much as to Hungarian-speakers.

There was considerable VIP attendance, Andrea Zsebe signed a cooperation agreement, and guests has opportunity to observe the practice:

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