Tuesday, 11 April 2017


(For English-speakers, most of it)

A lone, brief article this morning in the conservative newspaper Magyar Hírlap sort of confirms what might perhaps be the end of the bitter public conflict over the salaries and conditions of service of PAF conductors who work with disabled adults (and the relevant conductor-training), and with 'international' clients:

After high-level political intervention the conductors involved who have not yet retired will return on their previous salaries and conditions of service. At least, that is how I understand it. Correct me if I am wrong. There is no mention of what in the UK would be almost the first question: 'What about their lost salaries over this last month?'

Such a screaming, negative public fuss over such a tiny handful of employers. What a PR catastrophe – to which there would be other questions asked in countries like the UK (and not just because these countries are 'liberal democracies'). Still, autres pays, autres choses.

No word about this as yet on PAF's website, nor on the Facebook page of opposition politician Timea Szabó who earlier championed these conductors' cause.

Gábor Felner from Sheffield, whom I recall to be an ex-military type, expresses himself in a way that I have no possibility of translating – I should love to see it rendered into English of a similar register:

Tehat nem annak a jo edes mamajat aki elb@szta a szerzodeseket, es nem azt zavartak el, hanem azokkal izmoztak akik a szaros veget fogjak a botnak. Elarulom, hogy ha valakivel igy bannanak itt akkora munkajogi pert akasztana az intezmeny nyakaba, hogy ihaj. Ezert van az, hogy a munkaltatok tobbsegenek van egy ugynevezett 'whistle blower" policy-je (fuj de rondan hangzik). Persze itt sem fenekig tejfel minden, de ezek az idiotak valamit elkurt@k , aztan most kihuzzak magukat mint legy a fozelek tetejen, hogy lam milyen jo fejek vagyunk, visszavettuk azokat akik a mi amatorizmusunk es ostobasagunk miatt mentek el. Persze, mert Lazar Jani is buszke, hogy korrigaltuk a hibat mert kulonben neki kene a sztrokost jarni tanitani, akirol azt sem tudja, hogy hol az eleje, amig maga is meg nem tapasztalja...aztan majd a kancellar viszi ki a budira.. : ) nagyon merges vagyok grrrrr......

More perhaps anon. And of course. What happens in September and thereafter lies altogether in the hands of the gods.

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