Tuesday, 4 April 2017


Unutterably wretched public image

I switched on Google News earlier today, to see what's in the news about Hungary.

That was about four hours ago. The first few headlines to hit my eye were –
  • Hungarian Parliament passes Lex CEU Law
  • CEU condemns Hungary's new higher ed law, plans legal action
  • Hungary may face EU quota ultimatum, says report
  • Hungary passed law that threatens Soros-funded university passes law
  • Watchdog report: 'Breakdown in democracy in Poland, Hungary
  • Hungary is forcing all asylum-seekers into detention caps
  • et sequ., ad nauseam...
I could not bear to read on down the list, switched off, and went out.

To see the world's public image of Hungary now, at the time that you read this posting on Conductive World, click here:

These media reports come from over the world, from anywhere with English-language media – that's practically everywhere. The list does not include media reports in other languages.

So much unpleasantness. To achieve what? For whom?

Meanwhile, another slogan

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