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Refreshing introduction in Italian
Avanti, l'educazione conduttiva!

Bella figura means cutting a fine figure, with style, dash, originality, a bit like the French chic, but with something extra! This overview, not the first in the Italian language, provides a very good published overview of CE in a generally unknowing culture.

It has dispensed with much of the old, stale narratives that persist in dragging down and diverting discussion of this topic in most languages. Totally absent is the frequent cod neuroscience, and absorption with 'research' and 'official recognition'. There is only a fleeting reference to 'Hungarian doctor Professor Andras Peto' and then he, Hungary and his eponymous Institute appear no more.

Instead there is a fairly wide-ranging, common-sense, psycho-social account of how children are taught to learn.. It could usefully have more on the role of wider upbringing.

Who wrote it?

The article has been published without attribution. In Conductive Education one's response to seeing this is usually 'Oh no, not another Anonymous'!

Whoever wrote it has evidently seen CE in operation and talked about it with people directly involved, read some things(critically.!) – and though analytically about it all, avoiding some all too too familiar preoccupations.

The item's online location gives the clue. It is published not in a magazine or a journal, but on the website of a law firm with a specialism in children and families with disabilities, specifically in claims for compensation for medical injury This article has been written by lawyers who have had to gather their own evidence on the nature of CE, then test and hone this in court. (This is not the first such overview from a legal firm from around the world, that I have seen over the years: some can be very good, better than stuff produced by 'the experts').

On the basis of this I suspect that this account was compiled (as one of a series) by either or both Stefano Gallo or Paolo Trinchieri.

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In Italian, with immediate comments:

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(n.d.) Pedagogia conduttiva, in Risarcimento per Paralisi Cerebrale Infantile ['Compensation for Infantile Cerebral Palsy'], online, Rome, IUSMED Studio Legale

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