Friday, 14 April 2017


Please don't ask what this film
has to do with Conductive Education!
Margarita with a Straw was previewed on Conductive World nearly two years ago

It concerns growing up with cerebral palsy, including emerging sexuality.

See the trailer

And perhaps order a video

And this one really is available on Amazon:


*   I know not a single statement from 'within Conductive Education' about the themes  in this film. What apparent collective wisdom does CE have to hold out to young adults with disabling motor disorders? What has is learned from them? What is its demonstrable contribution?

NB  I have worded the above paragraph carefully. There may have been some extraordinarily valuable experiences over the years: indeed it is hard to see how there could not have been. But if such there have been, this has not entered the public domain. 

Maybe there will be a flurry of dissenting Comments, here on this blog or its Facebook page, to demonstrate to me and to anyone else who shares this impression how wrong and ignorant we are being about this. I do hope so.

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